May 4, 2019 Fine Craft Fair:
Artist Guidelines



GIPNA (Greater Independence Park Neighborhood Assoc.) and IPAC (Independence Park Advisory Council), sponsors of the twelfth Fine Craft Fair, are seeking the highest quality vendors to participate in this year’s Pre-Mother’s Day Fine Craft Fair. The craft fair is a juried event.


The Fine Craft Fair will be held on Saturday, May 4, 2019 from Noon to 4:00 p.m. at the Independence Park Fieldhouse Gymnasium, 3945 North Springfield Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618.


  • Vendor items for sale must be original and handmade.

  • Only categories approved by the jury may be sold at the Fine Craft Fair. Approved categories include ceramics, glass, jewelry, textiles, handmade cards, and wood items. Other items/categories may be submitted for review and approval.

  • No traditional painting, sculpture, photography, artificial flower arrangements, or licensed characters are allowed.

  • You can incorporate your original photography into your craft item. Live flowers only at your table, if applicable.

  • The $35 Entry Fee gives you one 30” x 72” table and two chairs. If you need an additional table and/or 6 feet of additional space, add $10 to the entry fee (total of $45). Please mark on the Entry Form if you need an additional table or space.

  • Each vendor must supply their own FLOOR LENGTH table covering.

  • Vendors will be responsible for their own sale and exchange of money, including credit card transactions.

  • Wi-fi service is available.

  • Very limited electrical outlets are available. Please indicate on the Entry Form that you need electricity.


  • Entry Form and non-refundable $35 fee is due April 6, 2019.

  • Please see above information if you need an additional table and/or 6 feet of additional space.

  • Vendors will be asked to donate at least one of their handcrafted items to a raffle. All proceeds from the raffle will benefit GIPNA, which supports local schools, charities and sponsors neighborhood events.

  • Vendors must submit the Completed Entry Form, which is a fillable PDF, along with 1 to 5 high quality images of their work. Photos should include several examples of product and close up details. Email the Entry Form and photos to Pat Clark ( Mail your check to GIPNA, PO Box 18184, Chicago, IL 60618.

  • Vendors may not sell additional categories of items, unless approved by the jury. (i.e., a vendor approved for selling handbags may not set up an additional jewelry display without permission. This would be unfair to any other jewelry vendors).


GIPNA and IPAC will advertise the Pre-Mother’s Day Fine Craft Fair with printed flyers, 11x17” posters, an Independence Park banner, and submissions to Chicagoland area event calendars. The Fine Craft Fair is well supported by the community. It will be featured on our website, email blasts, and Facebook. Individual vendors will be featured on our event web page. Participating vendors are encouraged to advertise the event through their own social media outlets.


If anyone has any questions, please contact Pat Clark at 312-263-3754, email: or Debbie Solomon at 312-605-0405, email: