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Need a City street pothole filled or parkway tree trimmed? 

You can open a service request for these and many other issues with the City of Chicago's New Online 311 Service Request page.

Once you have a Service Request Ticket Number, you can contact the Aldermans' offices to follow-up with the City. For example, a service request was opened in March 2018 to install a replacement wiring access door on a City light pool. When the Alderman's office was contacted in early November 2018, the light poll door was replaced within five days.

Looking for something to do over the weekend?

Check out the Fine Art Fairs and Craft Show Event Listings at (sign up for their free art show and craft fairs calendar and email list for art festivals across the U.S.).

Do you have expired over-the-counter or leftover prescription medications?

The Cook County MEDS Disposal Initiative is a grassroots education campaign to share information about how to properly dispose of expired, unused and unwanted prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications.  Find a drop off location here.

Want faster 911 service?

Smart911 is a service that allows residents to create a free Safety \Profile for their household that includes any information, like if they have pets, they want 9-1-1 and first responders to have in the event of an emergency. Then, when anyone in that household dials 9-1-1 from a phone associated with their Safety Profile, their profile is immediately displayed to the 9-1-1 call taker providing additional information that can be used to facilitate the proper response to the proper location. At a time when seconds count, Smart911 provides details that impacts the response the second an emergency call is placed, which could be the difference between life and death. Sign up at

Need for find a lost pet?

This helpful information compiled by PAWS Chicago provides valuable tips.

Have you found a stray or lost animal?

Here’s what to do next, again, provided by PAWS Chicago.